Reality Open House Belgium

First open demo of Zero Density's game changing Virtual Studio Technology Reality in a production environment in Europe. With Reality's real-time 3D rendering engine and world's first tracking-aware real time [...]

High-End Virtual Technology Seminar

  High-End Virtual Technology Seminar was organized by Sun-Way and Zero Density in Shanghai, China on Dec.19. More than 100 visitors from 30 VIP customers around China attended to [...]

‘Wedden dat ik het kan’: Live Entertainment Show with the Biggest Virtual Studio Set

“Wedden dat ik het kan” (“I bet I can do it’) by MasMedia, the first large live production produced in an entirely virtual set, uses Reality Virtual Studio.   Although virtual reality [...]

Reality Storms into Educational Content Production with Groupe Média TFO

Groupe Média TFO introduces LUV: the virtual universe production laboratory of a new digital generation for French-language educational content, powered by Reality Virtual Studio. The great opening organized in the [...]

Tempo 1.0.1

Tempo 1.0.1 is released. New Features and Enhancements:  Advanced filters in asset pool search tool, [...]

Reality 1.1.5

Reality 1.1.5 is released. New Features:  AJA 10bit video input, Reality Keyer control panel, FFmpeg [...]

Reality 1.1.0

Reality Virtual Studio 1.1.0 is released. New Features:  Unreal Engine 4.12.5 support, New universal virtual [...]

Pinax 1.4

Pinax 1.4 is released. New Features and Enhancements:  Extended search functions, Universal job engine, New [...]