Cutting-edge Product ‘Reality’ was used for Elections Coverage Throughout Belgium

RTL Belgium

Zero Density team installed Reality virtual studio and AR solutions in June 2018 in the RTL Belgium studios. In the next couple of months, RTL successfully designed the entire virtual studio and content with their own team along with the necessary software for the October 2018 elections coverage. ZD worked closely with RTL as they designed the set and integrated ‘Reality‘ Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality solutions. RTL team developed a software that receives the raw election data from the source and translates it into intelligible information for the audience.  Using Zero Density API, RTL was able to send election results to the Engines, thus to the screen and also remotely control the data-driven graphics. Overall, RTL used 4 Reality Engines®, Portal Window function, Set Extension features and Augmented Reality.


BX1, the Brussels-based channel also chose Reality for Belgian elections coverage, especially for real-time data graphics and Augmented Reality features.
Watch the programme here.


Belgian Local TV Channel Vedia successfully concluded another project using ‘Reality’ with the recent elections coverage.
Watch the programme here.