Zero Density democratizes virtual production with free Reality Engine

Zero Density frees Reality Engine and MegaGrant recipient RealityHub for community use.

Zero Density has entered the scene in 2016 with a ground-breaking real-time node-based compositor to transform the live broadcast industry. Reality Engine’s nativity of Unreal Engine, its proprietary Reality Keyer and revolutionary infrastructure proved it is not just a product, but it is the way to achieve highest creative expressions in live virtual studio and augmented reality productions.

In the spirit of contributing to the community, from October 23rd 2020 Reality Engine is freely available for everyone to download it. “We wanted to create a version that everyone can download, learn and test the immense capabilities of Reality Engine and unleash their creativity.” says Vice President of Research and Development, Kuban Altan.

Reality Engine offers a zero-learning curve for Unreal Engine users. Additionally, to help you get started on the added features of Reality Engine that adapts UE for broadcast, the team started preparing a large number of video tutorials and documentation.

News is not over yet.

Reality HUB

As the community version of Reality Engine began to take shape, Zero Density’s latest product RealityHub received Epic Games MegaGrant to accelerate the integration of Unreal Engine into broadcast studio workflows. RealityHub will transform studio control, automation, and workflow integration tools through a single HUB that connects Unreal world to broadcast ecosystem.

In order to provide the community end-to-end capability in broadcast workflows, Zero Density decided to provide a RealityHub free-to-download version as well.

This news comes during an unprecedented time where the coronavirus situation created a push toward VR/AR transformation of industries. We encourage you to take this opportunity to create, control and produce in this unrivaled system.