Case Studies

Case studies of the most photo-realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions

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Case Studies

Zero Density offers an array of next generation products for the industries such as broadcasting, augmented reality, live events and esports. Case Studies introduce the best practices of Zero Density clients and partners where they change the game with Reality Virtual Studio.

Case Study – Philips Innovation Award 2020

Zero Density’s strategic partner NEP the Netherlands helped Philips to have a corona-proof edition of their student entrepreneurship competition; Philips Innovation Award.  Instead of the annual 900 guests, more than 5,000 viewers watched online as students pitched their most innovative ideas to the jury. NEP’s virtual studios in Hilversum are powered by Reality.

Case Study – Notélé & Panasonic & Zero Density

Notélé, a regional TV Channel in Belgium, became the first to install the combined solution of Zero Density’s disruptive virtual studio and augmented reality product Reality and Panasonic 4K PTZ AW-UE150 camera. The bundle of the two products offer a cost-effective virtual studio production for TV channels around the globe. Notélé used the bundle and went live for the Belgian Elections in the first half of 2019.

Case Study – RTL Belgium & Zero Density

RTL Belgium has been utilizing Zero Density’s virtual studio and AR technologies for a couple of years in sports, sunday show and elections coverage cases. In this case study RTL’s Head of Systems and Project discusses how they decided to utilize Reality Virtual Studio and switched from hiring designers to become totally autonomous.  RTL’s Senior Graphics Designer talks about the design and operations workflow. RTL covers Champions League, Sunday Show and Elections Night using virtual studio and augmented reality.

Case Study – RMC Sport, Zero Density & DreamWall

RMC Sport makes the decision to broadcast six of its programmes from the virtual studio powered by Reality. ZD’s partner DreamWall has designed the graphics for these shows and implemented Reality Virtual Studio with 8 cameras. 2 tracked cameras are used for the augmented reality elements, rendered real-time with 8 Reality Engines. RMC Head of Sport Production, Pierre Froger and General Manager of Dreamwall, Thibault Baras with his team discuss the project and technology.

Case Study: Ziggo Sport and NEP the Netherlands

Utilizing ZD’s Reality Virtual Studio since the beginning of 2017, Ziggo Sport and NEP the Netherlands recorded ground-breaking shows with advanced use of augmented reality. Ziggo’s Head of Creative, NEP’s CEO and Technical Artist discuss their use of augmented reality and virtual studio with Unreal Engine Native Reality.