Zero Density’s disruptive virtual studio and augmented reality products are used in many ground-breaking projects in the industries such as broadcasting, augmented reality, live events and esports. Case Studies introduce the best practices of Zero Density clients and partners where they change the game with Reality Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality Platform.

You can find the projects below:

Fox Sports Nascar Race Hub Virtual Studio Project.
Streamteam Finnish Ice Hockey League Project.
TF1 World Cup Show Le Mag Project.
Riot Games Elder Dragon AR Show Project.

Video Case Studies include Panasonic and No tele, RMC Sport and DreamWall, RTL Belgium, NEP The Netherlands and Ziggo Sport.

You can visit here for all documents.

The UK’s Leading TV Facility Produces the Country’s Best Programs in Reality-Powered Virtual Studios

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Having deployed a modular system enabling the swift transformation of any of their conventional studios into a virtual one, dock10 studios are equipped with the next generation Reality tools, producing all types of content.