RealityHub Template Creation and Playout Operation

Bitesize Product Demo

In the bitesize webinar series, RealityHub‘s various features will be highlighted in 45 min or shorter sessions. In the first of the series, Zero Density technical artist will explain template creation and playout operation.

For every live production, the operation is critical. Let’s learn how RealityHub’s operational workflow helps you to create intuitive control UIs for real-time live operation and allows you to win the race against time. Playout module’s sleekest interface allows operators to focus on live operation while Form Builder’s Drag and Drop feature gives you the fastest turnaround during the template creation.

Webinar Flow

Preparing a nodegraph for Form Builder
Properties and functions binding with Form Builder
Animate and control graphics flow with Action module
Understanding Playout module for live operations.
Rundowns and Playlist control
Engine profile or Channel assignment to a particular set of graphics


Kindly select the time that fits your schedule. There will be a  live Q&A session at the end.

November 10

Zero Density
Zero DensityFaraz Qayyum
Technical Artist