RealityHub End-to-end Broadcast Graphics Workflow

Live Product Demo

Reality suite enables users to create the most photorealistic live productions worldwide with the sophisticated and easy-to-use node-based compositing system. With RealityHub, superior control, integration, and automation have entered the scene and picked up Unreal Engine along the way. RealityHub allows broadcasters to utilize Unreal Engine for broadcast graphics in addition to virtual studio and augmented reality, such as channel branding, lower third graphics, bumpers, full-screen infographics, sport/news graphics, tickers etc. RealityHub utilizes Unreal UMG module to replace/upgrade all broadcast graphics systems.

Join the End-to-end Broadcast Graphics Workflow with RealityHub session to deep dive into the future of broadcast graphics.

Webinar Flow

Utilizing Reality Editor for overlay CG design
Visual scripting for broadcast graphics
Logic flow control and node-based compositing for Overlay CGs
Template creation and playout operation
Newsroom system integration


Save your spot! There will be a  live Q&A session at the end.

November 11