Studio to Stadium: Using Real-Time Graphics in Sports Broadcasts

Case Study Webinars

Zero Density is bringing the industry leaders together in case study webinars to discuss real-time virtual studio and AR productions and elaborate on significant productions.

Dreamwall, Zero Density’s strategic partner, will be the first guest, and the topic is sports broadcast. Dreamwall has decades of experience in the industry and has been a pioneer in utilizing Reality Engine in numerous stunning projects for clients such as TF1, RTBF, and Notele. Recently, their various works have been recognized in Broadcast Production Awards & Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards.

In this session, Thibault Baras, Media Solution General Manager will dive into several aspects of live sports broadcasting with virtual studio and AR, powered by Reality: shows from the studio, reporting from the field, and leveraging the stadiums.

Join us to know more about virtual design for sports, teleportation, live AR, next-generation virtual studio technology, AI-powered virtual graphics, and more.


Save your spot! There will be a live Q&A session at the end.

November 2

DreamwallThibault Baras
General Manager

You can watch the full webinar here: