Why and How Businesses are Embracing Virtual Studios

Case Study Webinars

This couple of years have seen businesses use virtual studios more than ever before. As well as booking virtual studios to throw their events, a good number are investing in in-house facilities in their corporate buildings for training, meetings, press releases, and more.

In this session, Zero Density’s Strategic Partner KST Moschkau will speak to the spike in large companies embracing virtual studios, and their role in making that happen. KST Moschkau has mastered providing turn-key virtual studios powered by Reality for major corporates such as DATEV, Bundeswehr, IFM, and more.

Join us to learn why and how these businesses embrace this technology and their studios.


Save your spot! There will be a  live Q&A session at the end.

November 16

KST Moschkau
KST MoschkauAxel Moschkau
Managing Director
KST Moschkau
KST MoschkauFelix Moschkau
Product Manager

You can watch the full webinar here: