The biggest thing ZD brings to the table is that realism that you need with a virtual set. They understand everything that goes into making these sets achieve that hyper-realism that’s necessary to take production to the next level.

Zac Fields, Senior VP of Graphic Technology and Integration at FOX Sports
Innovation and ‘what’s next’ thinking have defined the FOX Sports approach from Day 1. Working with industry leaders and integrating cutting-edge technology has produced one of the most advanced studios in sports.

Mark Silverman, President, National Networks, FOX Sports at FOX Sports
Zero Density not only gives us depth but offers a real third dimension to the set, which allowed us to have something far larger than our 15 x 11m surface area.

David Clark, Chief Technology Officer at Sky News Arabia
ZD team is bringing crazy tools using Unreal Engine, changing the market
and the landscape.

Andy Blondin, Technical Product Manager at Epic Games

Reputation of Reality’s capabilities coupled with incredible support Zero Density team offers make it an easy choice when it comes to which company to work with.

Petrus Palola, Broadcast Solutions Finland
Zero Density will become a leader in virtual studio and augmented reality
in the world.

Thierry Piette, Technical & IT Director, RTL Belgium

Selected Customers

Selected Customers

selected customers zero density

Listen From Them

“The IP implementations that we have in our cameras nicely integrate with the IP installations from Zero Density, where the rendering engine accepts the IP streams without any baseband video anymore.”

grass valley

“It is a layer we need to do broadcast. When you want to plug the camera and tracking system you need ZD. It is very easy, you get all the stuff together. I dreamed about this software and now it exists”.


“ We have given our developers and technical artists the complete freedom to choose whatever they wanted and they chose Zero Density because of the quality and the things they can actually achieve with the software. So I think the technicians making a decision proves that’s the best product out there.”

nep netherlands

“The Keyer, the quality of the results that we see coming from ZD Engine are phenomenal.”

epic games

“They [ZD] understand everything that goes into making these sets achieve that hyper-realism that’s necessary to take production to the next level.”


“We are convinced Unreal and Zero Density is the best combo with DreamWall to develop great virtual sets and great broadcasting.”


“You have a team that cares about everything from this interview, to the presentations, to your customers, to the green density of the paints that you use. So that kind of attention to detail is very professional. We respect very much what Zero Density is doing in the industry.”

kino flo lighting systems

“The Zero Density technology is far beyond any virtual set applications out there.”


“We get virtual objects reflecting into the real world; we have virtual objects casting shadows into the real world and we have real world reflecting on the virtual objects which all makes it match insanely well.”

nep netherlands

Case Study

Case Study – Notélé & Panasonic & Zero Density

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