Broadcast Production Awards Winners and Honorable Mentions

NewscastStudio’s Broadcast Production Awards honors the best in creative production and technical achievement, and 2 Reality-powered projects are awarded as Winner and 6 as Honorable Mentions!

Reality is the leading global virtual and augmented studio product, enabling photo-realistic environments and post-production level visual effects through its enhanced real-time compositing tools. Reality allows you to expand your creativity to uncharted territories.

Zero Density, creator of award-winners, empowers the most creative and innovative productions in the industry. It is thrilling to see how many projects are recognized for their creative production and technical achievement. We are honored to be part of these ground-breaking and stunning projects. Congratulations to all parties involved.


Winner – AR/VR Design – Sports

Dreamwall & TF1, Telefoot, France

Telefoot, a weekly football show on TF1, the first European TV channel, has been working with Zero Density and DreamWall on a ground-breaking project that made millions of science fiction fans gasp. The show “teleported” guests to the studio, behind a physical desk on a regular basis which marked a milestone for the practice to be used in such a challenging and advanced way.

CSGO Esports Tournament
Winner AR/VR Design Entertainment

Dreamwall, CSGO Championship, Belgium

Between April 12-14, Belgium hosted an esports tournament, Charleroi Esports of one of the most played games in the world: Counter Strike. Using the power of Reality, numerous augmented reality elements were utilized inside the virtual studio during the epic battles, offering an immersive viewer experience for the fans locked to the screen worldwide


TF1 Rugby World Cup 2019
Honorable Mention – Set Design for Special Event

Dreamwall & TF1, Rugby World Cup, France

Le Mag covers the competition with an incredible looking set designed by Dreamwall, taking the audience straight to Japan. Dreamwall created augmented reality templates for the TF1 team to trigger during the live show. Zero Density’s Reality allows the combination of portal window with set extension and as a result the studio has a virtual studio illusion without any cyclorama or green screen.

RTBF Europa League Virtual Studio
Honorable Mention – AR/VR Design – Sports

Dreamwall & RTBF – RTBF Europa League 2019, Belgium

RTBF goes on-air for 6 hours and reinvents sports broadcasting on evenings following each 2018 Europa League game with an incredible looking Reality-powered set. he spectacular virtual set is fully integrated with ZD’s virtual studio solutions and located in KeyWall studios in Charleroi, designed by the talented DreamWall team.That is a huge step for RTBF and for DreamWall that clearly puts Europa League set ahead of the other sport shows in Belgium.

First Responder Live AR
Honorable Mention – Best AR/VR Integration in Studio

CGLA Studios & Fox TV, First Responders Live, USA

Fox’s latest show in summer 2019 follows fire fighters and policemen deployed all over the US cities, rushing into the crisis scene. The show utilized augmented reality graphics designed by Full Mental Jacket to enhance the storytelling of the show. Zero Density’s regional partner CGLA Studios integrated Reality to the show.

BETV Jupiler Pro and Europes Des Onze Virtual Set
Honorable Mention – Best AR/VR Integration in Studio

Dreamwall & BETV, Jupiler Pro League & Europe des Onze, Belgium

VooSport and Betv are among the leading channels to go virtual for their programme for the European Football. Dreamwall has designed the set and powered it with 7 Engines on 7 cameras including one crane.  The weekly show has already recorded more than 320 hours live from the virtual studios.

European Elections in European Parliament
Honorable Mention – AR/VR Design – News

Dreamwall & EuroParl TV – EU Elections in European Parliament, Belgium

The official TV of the European Parliament EuroParl TV chose Zero Density & DreamWall duo to bring an immersive live elections program to the audience from 28 countries. There were 3 Engines at work during the coverage: one for virtual overview of Brussels, one for augmented reality elements and one for real-time data projections.

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