Experience Next-Generation News Storytelling with Reality Virtual Studio

Zero Density showcases how to boost your storytelling in a news studio with Reality , the ultimate virtual studio and augmented reality platform.
With the help of the advanced features of Reality and Reality Keyer, you can convert any studio into a next-generation news environment with the latest AR and VR technology.
Stop by Zero Density booth, 7.K31 and discover the potentials of Reality , the most photo-realistic virtual studio solution, powered by Unreal Engine 4 .

Reality’s key features:

  • Unreal Engine 4.17 support
  • Full HDR Rendering Pipeline,
  • Real-time node-based compositing platform
  • Rendering multiple 3D passes (such as shadow, ambient occlusion, reflections, bloom and lens flares) and compositing these passes over the incoming video image,
  • Multi-format video I/O
  • Lens undistortion / distortion ,
  • Control API for developing custom control and data integration tools,
  • Real-time screen space reflections and refractions ,
  • GPUdirect video I/O support for Nvidia Quadro boards,
  • Compositing keyed input into 3D Scene,
  • Reality Keyer® 3D Mask options in addition to the Garbage Mask. ( Force Fill Mask & Spill Bypass Mask)
  • Ring buffered & genlocked Video I/O,
  • User-defined material and blueprint nodes

Zero Density booth is in Hall 7, 7.K31. If you would like to check the location, please use the link below.

Zero Density Booth – 7.K31 

If you need a free pass to get into IBC2017, feel free to use our code:

See you in Amsterdam.

Zero Density Team