How to start a Virtual Studio – the Easy Way

*This article was originally published in FEED Magazine Summer issue.

Zero Density, a major software provider of real-time virtual sets for clients including RTL and Fox Sports, has launched its Production Partner Program (3P)helping live events customers expand into virtual production, risk-free.

It’s official: virtual production is no longer just a buzzword. From online concerts and fashion shows to corporate launches, virtual events are now the norm – offering far more than the non-interactive, single-camera live streams of the past. And, for many audiences, virtual or hybrid experiences are no longer simply a stopgap for Covid-19. They’re here to stay.

Creating photoreal, scalable, real-time graphics is key to bringing the next generation of experiences to life. The virtual path is a no-brainer for any production firm looking to expand client offering and boost company growth.

Implementing a virtual production set-up from scratch, however, might feel like an intimidating – and potentially costly – prospect. Until now.

Epic Games MegaGrant recipient and industry leader, Zero Density, has announced a Production Partner Program (3P). It democratises the live events industry by removing the obstacles involved in setting up a cutting-edge virtual studio.

“Joining the program gives partners access to Zero Density’s cutting-edge Reality software solutions, which have shaped the future of real-time production since 2016,” says Zero Density channel manager, Yavuz Bahadıroğlu. “These are the same technologies already integrated by the very best in the business for smooth, scalable and hyper-realistic real-time results. They have been proven to bring seriously impressive virtual experiences to life, including Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer fashion show and Red Bull’s Batalla de los Gallos.”

“But we wanted to do more. We didn’t just want to provide virtual studio software systems. We wanted to support others on a deeper level.

Zero Density’s 3P brings partners impressive benefits. First, they enter into a pay-as-you-earn model to mitigate initial costs. “The biggest concern of many business owners is financial fluidity, and how new technologies might impact the future of the company,” adds Bahadıroğlu.

“With this program, we take that concern away, as partners only need to pay us fees if they get the job. Testing and demoing to potential clients is free. Partners get an unlimited number of our industry-standard Engines, providing them with a turnkey solution without the expense – leaving the space to focus purely on creativity. It’s a no-risk investment.”

Partners also have access to exclusive, multi-day training programmes and a private technical support portal. A TSS engineer will even periodically meet with partners to ensure virtual production systems work seamlessly.“We felt this was especially important in the live events space, as no two events are the same, so technical requirements can vary much more than in other industries,” Bahadıroğlu explains.

“When a partner joins 3P, they’re part of our global, state-of-the-art ecosystem and technical community. We support them with our pay-as-you-earn model, as well as providing training, advice and health checks from our offices in Europe and the US. “Zero Density has shaped the future of real-time virtual production from day one, ringing in a new era of better connected, scalable and hyper-realistic results,” Bahadıroğlu concludes. “We’re excited for our partners to join us on that journey.”

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