First Responders Live on Fox | Augmented Reality Graphics

Fox’s latest show First Responders Live premiered on June 12th! Reality Engine® powered the Augmented Reality elements ranging from logos, virtual windows to maps in order to enhance the storytelling. CGLA Studios , based in Los Angeles has designed the augmented reality graphics for the premiere and will continue the work for another six weeks.

The show follows fire fighters, EMTs and policemen with dozens of cameras deployed all over the US cities, rushing into the crisis scene. The show is hosted live by Josh Elliott who uses and interacts with the augmented elements.

About CGLA Studios
CGLA Studios designs, integrates and provides Virtual/Augmented Reality graphics for live television, entertainment shows and corporate events, based in Los Angeles.

About Zero Density
Zero Density is an international technology company dedicated to develop creative products for the industries such as broadcasting, augmented reality, live events and e-sports. Zero Density offers the next level of virtual production with real time visual effects. It provides Unreal Engine native platform, “Reality Engine®”, with advanced real-time compositing tools and its proprietary keying technology. Reality Engine® is the most photo-realistic real-time 3D Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality platform in the industry.