FOX Sports Shortlisted as Awards Finalist with Zero Density and Epic Games as Technical Partners

FOX Sports’ new NASCAR virtual studio is shortlisted for IBC 2019 Innovation Awards for Content Creation. Reality Engine -powered virtual studio is used to offer in-depth analysis, original storytelling and visually stunning and complex content for its audience. 60’ x 60’ physical studio with 50’ x 47’ green screen zone transforms into a massive 360 degree area that take in the entire race track inside to follow the race real close-up. Real-time data visualization tools of Reality Engine® enable the FOX team to showcase analysis of racetracks, cars and raceshops. With augmented reality, FOX team also hosts the complete set of race cars into the studio and even strip them to the single screw, offering unique insights to the fans.

With Epic Games, we’re proud to be technology partners to FOX Sports.

Watch a short clip of NASCAR Race HUB.

ibc 2019 awards finalist zero density