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Thai Elections Teaser

Springnews will cover Thai Elections with Reality Virtual Studio. Reality Engine® offers the most cutting-edge data visualization tools for news and elections coverage.

Product News

Reality 2.4

Reality 2.4 is released. Reality 2.4 is released with new features, bug fixes and an updated on-line manual along with training material. Please visit


See Reality in Action

Keywall, the Belgium based partner of Zero Density, opened the most amazing studio fully equipped with Zero Density’s Virtual Studio Technology in a production environment in Europe!

Product News

Reality 2.3

Reality 2.3 is released. Unreal Engine 4.17.2 Merged. Forward Renderer is supported. Reality now can render 4 dynamic shadows and output this pass from

Product News

Reality 2.1.2

Reality 2.1.2 is released. General Improvements: Reality Documentation now comes with the Installer: It was being sent separately. Launcher can now start a set

Product News

Reality 2.1

Reality 2.1 is released. New Features 2.1: Setup Tools: Renders in Software mode by default. So design workstations can have much responsive GUI now.

Product News

Reality 2.0

Reality 2.0 is released. New Features:  Full HDR Rendering Pipeline, Reality now can render multiple 3D passes (such as shadow, ambient occlusion, reflections, bloom


Reality Open House Belgium

First open demo of Zero Density’s game changing Virtual Studio Technology Reality in a production environment in Europe. With Reality‘s real-time 3D rendering engine and world’s first tracking-aware real time keyer, Reality Keyer®...

  • high end virtual technology seminar