Panasonic & Zero Density Launch a Cost Effective Virtual Studio Production Solution for TV Stations

Zero Density’s virtual production software Reality and the Panasonic 4K PTZ camera AW-UE150 delivers a cost effective and photorealistic virtual studio production solution.

Wiesbaden, DE. September 2019 – Panasonic and Zero Density today announced a cost effective and photorealistic virtual studio production solution for small to mid-range TV stations and content providers. Zero Density’s Reality virtual production software combined with the Panasonic 4K PTZ camera (AW-UE150) delivers a powerful, high-quality and affordable solution to provide many more users with access to virtual studio applications.

Regional Belgium tv station Notélé, which provides French language content to its 300,000 audience, is the first to implement the combined solution. A Notélé spokesperson said: “Quality is our main ambition, which is why we are using this equipment. The bundled system is a good choice for a TV station like ours because the tracking system with the FreeD protocol is integrated into the camera, so it is a cost-effective solution, without the need for a separate tracking system. For local tv channels I advise investing in this system as soon as possible. Compared to other systems, this solution has a good payback on quality and price and is very easy to implement.”

The AW-UE150 is the first PTZ on the market to provide Position Data Notification (PTZF). Thanks to the adoption of the FreeD protocol, the AW-UE150 is compatible with Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality applications. Using this feature, the AW-UE150 provides real-time positioning to the virtual Reality from Zero Density. The camera is then “tracked” and the FreeD data is sent over serial or IP links.

Jaume Miró, European Sales Engineer at Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV, said: “As the industry leader in the broadcast PTZ camera market, Panasonic is the first to make its latest compact, all-in-one PTZ camera compatible with the FreeD protocol standard. Using our 4K, high quality AW-UE150 with the Zero Density Reality helps democratize this cutting-edge virtual technology without having to compromise on quality. It is another demonstration of the Panasonic PTZ camera ranges ability to easily integrate even the most complex production workflows.”

Ulas Kaçmaz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Zero Density, said: “As an expert in real-time virtual studio production solutions, Zero Density aims to break the mold of the industry with each release, product and partnership. Panasonic is a long-established authority in the media and entertainment arena. With the AW-UE150’s adaptation to Reality a brave new world has opened up for small to medium size TV stations, as well as for other big players, to leverage the latest virtual production technology.”

Here is a short video of the first installation of the bundle:

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