ZD Partner Pfinix signs with Esportz Entertainment

Based in Orange County California, Pfinix Creative Group signes with the leading esports news organization Esportz Entertainment Corp to set up a 1600 square meter studio equipped with Zero Density’s cutting-edge virtual studio and augmented reality products. Esportz Entertainment Corporation with its 90 esports reporters around the globe wishes to make Esportz Network the authority in esports reporting. Zero Density’s partner Pfinix with its decades of valuable know-how in the industry will be in charge of the studio production and the Reality-powered VR/AR capability.

The Project

Esportz Network is already listed among the leading news networks specialized in esports and also a partner to Reuters Global. The facility will be equipped with the latest technology to create top notch content, both live and pre-recorded. The company has a impressive list of online channels for streaming including Twitch and YouTube.

Zero Density’s Reality Virtual Studio will add another layer of wow factor to the vast content and programmes the media company offers. The 15-15-7 meter cyclorama inside the state-of-the-art studio will be used for filming most of the Network’s content. Also, Pfinix will be responsible for installing the production tools as well as the next generation virtual studio equipment including Reality Engine. In a nutshell, it is exciting to wait for the first show to go on-air.

Pfinix Creative Group

Zero Density and Pfinix Creative started their partnership in 2019. Pfinix Creative Group is Empowering Imaginations by providing a hub for integrating the latest technologies, from VR/AR powered by Zero Density to robotic camera support. For end users, Pfinix offers full studio installation and integration. Pfinix strives to be the center of production technology, creativity, and innovation, while moving towards sustainable, eco-friendly methods that reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. The future of Pfinix is to be the go-to, one-stop shop for all VR/AR production and installation needs.

Esportz Network 3D virtual set

The official press release of the Corporation can be reached below.

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About Esportz Entertainment Corp.
Headquartered in Irvine, California, EsportEntertainment Corp. is located at the epicenter of esports, surrounded by hundreds of the greatest names in game development, arenas, tournament play, and those who drive the global esports industry. EsportEntertainment Corp. through its Esportz Network, currently amongst the largest esports news networks, and a Reuters global partner for esports, is covering esports leagues, teams, athletes, along with the people and the companies behind the sport in a manner that matches the excitement and rapid global growth of esports.

About Zero Density
Zero Density is an international technology company dedicated to develop creative products for the industries such as broadcasting, augmented reality, live events and e-sports. Zero Density offers the next level of virtual production with real time visual effects. It provides Unreal Engine native platform, “Reality Engine®”, with advanced real-time compositing tools and its proprietary keying technology. Reality Engine® is the most photo-realistic real-time 3D Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality platform in the industry.