Total control of real-time broadcast graphics

Reality Control Application tools provide the ultimate control tools for your engines without the need for third-party systems. In a multicamera operation, Reality Control is designed and simplified for the optimal broadcast process, handling real-time data integration and generating real-time engine statistics and logs. The operator can also manage and monitor several engines from one GUI which is intuitive and user friendly.

Highest Performance Mode

Need more performance? You can always go on-air with the cooked version of your real-time graphics with entire functionality intact. Reality Control has optional support to cook your real-time content before you go on-air.

Operator Friendly

Reality Control application specifically designed keeping operators in mind. Its user-friendly GUI helps studio operators perform their routine virtual sets operations with ease.

Multi-camera Operations

For multicamera operations Reality Control Application is well equipped with all the vital tools where you can create your own studios based on camera selection and launch one or many virtual environments to multiple cameras.

Real-time Data Integration

Reality Control enables collection of data from a wide variety of sources and feed your engines in real-time inside your 3D/2D graphics. Process the updates on elections, match scores and more as they occur!

Simple control of real-time broadcast graphics

As a technical sales guy, I can do the configuration without an Unreal specialist with years of experience. For example, I realized a teleportation function to the Finnish ice hockey shows where players are brought in to the studio from remote arenas by myself. That’s an excellent proof of concept on why we are implementing all virtual studio controls into Zero Density’s Reality Control. Everything can be easily and quickly modified and corrected!

Petrus Palola, Broadcast Specialist, Broadcast Solutions Group

Engine Monitor

The significant role of studio managers and system administrators to ensure and manage overall system health, with the help of Reality Control you can monitor multiple engines for CPU, GPU, Video I/O, BIOS, OS, and disk space, etc.

Runtime and Studio Logs

Engine and Studio runtime logs provide precise engine statistics which helps you to determine Engine/Studio uptime, downtime, and on-air time, etc. Time coded statistics can also be saved as CSV file for any critical reference.

Cache Management System

Defying the conventional cache management systems, Reality Control introduces an innovative auto cache management system that sorts virtual set cache based on its popularity. You can launch your VS/AR graphics in the blink of an eye.


You can visit Zero Density documentation page for more details.