One RealityHub to Control Them All

RealityHub brings ecosystem connectivity, automation and workflow integration from a single hub.

RealityHub provides a unified, HTML5 dynamic user interface for the entire Reality ecosystem. Users can configure and customize their system and workflow with ease. It redefines the control applications by upgrading them to a web-based technology. It allows you to define rules for your data, organize the data sources and customize them to tightly match your design.


Real-time data integration

RealityHub integrates the Unreal world with the external data sources such as weather, finance, elections, sports. Crucial data connectors are developed for broadcasters for major global data providers.


Web technology

RealityHub redefines the control applications by upgrading them to a web-based technology that allows them to run on multiple platforms supporting web browsing, such as phone, tablet and laptop.


Fully modular system

RealityHub is fully modular system with server / client architecture where the core is very thin. All functionalities are developed as separate modules.

One RealityHub to Automate Them All

RealityHub integrates with existing broadcast systems and equipment through broadcast standard communication and automation protocols. This allows broadcasters to integrate Unreal Engine into news and production environment.

Integration with
Newsroom Computer Systems

Integration with
Studio Automations

Integration with robotic camera heads and robotic PTZ cameras, through proprietary protocols.

Integration with studio lights through DMX protocol

Integration with vision mixers through proprietary protocols

Integration with
MCR automations

One RealityHub to Customize Them All

Besides AR and virtual studio graphics where Unreal is rapidly growing, RealityHub allows broadcasters to utilize Unreal Engine for other broadcast graphics such as channel branding, lower third graphics, bumpers, full screen info graphics, sport/news graphics, tickers etc. RealityHub utilizes Unreal UMG module to replace / upgrade all broadcast graphics systems.

RealityHub is a fully modular system and modules can be created by any developer, making the modules and the tools highly customizable.


One RealityHub to Develop Them All

RealityHub is fully modular system where the core is very thin. All functionalities will be developed as  separate modules. The modules communicate with Unreal and / or with the other modules through RealityHub core. Besides the standard modules, RealityHub allows third party developers to develop their own modules as plugins and add/extend the functionalities of RealityHub. Since RealityHub provides all necessary controls/functionalities to integrate with broadcast production workflows, the third party developers can develop plugins fast and easily and will be able to reuse the core functionalities of RealityHub core.


Community Edition

In 2020, Zero Density has announced that Reality Engine is available for community to download it freely. In order to provide the community end-to-end capability in broadcast workflows, Zero Density decided to provide a RealityHub free-to-download version as well.

You can download community versions of Reality Engine 4.27 and RealityHub 1.3.3 below.

Reality Hub


Check out the learning videos to get you started on installing and configuring RealityHub.

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