Reality Keyer®

World’s First Image-based keyer on GPU

Reality Keyer® is the world’s first and only real-time image based keyer that works on GPU. Reality Keyer® provides spectacular results for keying of contact shadows, transparent objects and sub-pixel details like hair. Reality Keyer® can work also with 4:4:4 RGB camera sources. The keyer also supports 3D masks for “force-fill” and “spill bypass” buffers besides garbage mask. Those masks enable hybrid virtual studio operation which lets you combine virtual and real environments.Besides the quality of its results, Reality Keyer® is still very easy to setup and operate.

A Unique Approach

As a unique approach in the industry, Zero Density’s Reality Engine® composites images by using 16 bit floating point arithmetics. Having the control of full compositing pipeline, all gamma and color space conversions are handled correctly. By using this technology, the real world and the virtual elements are blended perfectly. Although Reality Engine® is able to provide fill and key outputs for external devices (such as vision mixers) like conventional solutions, compositing in Reality Engine® is recommended.

Clean Plate Technology

Reality uses a tracked 3D cyclorama and the clean plate can be projected onto 3D cyclorama mesh to achieve image-based keying with a tracked camera. To compare image based keying vs traditional chroma keying the same video source was used. On chroma keyer matte output you can see matte artifacts caused by various green tones on the cyclorama. To get rid of these artifacts matte has to be clamped and because of this shadow details are compromised. Since there is no final adjustments need to be made on image based keying there is no compromise in matte quality.

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