Quel Temps, 3-People Weather Show Production in Virtual Studio

Employee health concerns, social distancing and rules of lockdown… How shows still manage to go on-air under these new circumstances?  With the right technology, a passionate and creative team can produce a good show. 

How many people you need? 

Reducing the number of team members while following the rules on set is one solution for the ones who can manage it with the technology on hand.  For example, Keywall studios in Belgium are equipped with Reality Virtual Studio tools that provide the best output and operational ease at the same time.  

One of their regular shows is RTBF’s Quel Temps. Quel Temps uses latest virtual studio and augmented reality technology in Keywall Studios to visualize and explain weather and natural phenomena for its audience. On a regular day they do it with a full team, including make-up artists and lighting professionals but these are not those days. Now, make-up artists teach the presenter how to put powder the right way where the lighting guys set the lights once and  Quel Temps shoots more than 10 shows with the same set up.   

As a result of the measures taken for protection against coronavirus epidemic, the team keeps the production simple because they can: one director, one ZD operator, one producer.