Reality 2.1 is released.

New Features 2.1:

Setup Tools:

    • Renders in Software mode by default. So design workstations can have much responsive GUI now.
    • Comes with pre-built node graph templates for easy setups.
    • Tries to save the “.rset” file on engine stop or crash. It uses the same path if there was a setup file name or under “R:\Reality\Autosave” folder if there was not a previous path.
    • Supports incremental save filenames as an option.
    • Says “Delete Selected” for deleting selected nodes. Previously it was “Delete All”, which was confusing.
    • Can import, previously exported nodes as connected, if there is no node name conflict.
    • Brings imported nodes as selected by default, which might help to position them in the node graph.
    • Loads the “.rset” files without a delay.
    • “Broadcast” button doesn’t deselect the selected node anymore, which is a much more user friendly behavior.


    • Scans the Unreal Projects a lot faster.


    • Control Applications can now “ping” the engine, and the engine replies “pong”.


    • Composite Node now supports keyed video input, which allows to use Unreal’s internal ToneMapper.
    • There is a new Billboard Blueprint actor for trackless cameras.
    • “Delay” node no more disconnects its output pin, when its input is disconnected.
    • There is now an “UE Primitives” category for simple meshes to use within node graph. Currently only a “Dummy Cube” is supported as a primitive.
    • Actors now “Render All Children” by default. A better default setting for using Meshes as Geometry Masks.
    • Blueprints can ask if the TexturePin and TrackPin IsConnected.
    • Blueprints can SetStringValues for string arrays.


    • FreeD Tracking protocol nodes now also support A0 and A2 packets.
    • MoSys protocol supports the PTZ head.
    • Technodolly Tracking protocol is not EXPERIMENTAL anymore. It is now tested in production.
    • Track nodes, not receiving a track message in time, now creates a log message.
    • Track protocols supporting checksum now create a log message, when there is an error in the checksum.


    • AJA SDK Upgrade 12.5.2 / Firmware Upgrade.


    • AJA Input Node now generates TimeCode data from Hardware Register as an Absolute Frame Number.
    • Automatic Screen Saver Inhibitor disabled! This background check used to peak CPU and make calls to Operating System.

Bug Fixes:

    • Sometimes projection nodes texture input was off sync with the rest of the node graph.
    • Duplicating a Media Input and changing the file, does not load new media.
    • Particles with LowQuality light setting corrupts the render and renders white, when RealityLighting is enabled.
    • Cyclorama node now loads, without forcing to be updated via selecting.
    • Deinterlace node does not update.