Reality 2.3 is released.

Unreal Engine

  • 4.17.2 Merged.
  • Forward Renderer is supported.
  • Reality now can render 4 dynamic shadows and output this pass from node. Both in deferred and forward rendering modes.


  • Reality is now licensed only through hardware dongle, even for temporary licenses.

Reality Engine

  • and nodes are evolved into a single node
  • Reality Custom Buffers: VideoMask, Lighting, Shadow, Bloom are node in node, instead of Project Settings. So user can control the rendering of these passes without going back the project.
  • node now controls: Anti-aliasing methods.
  • AnimationRate is removed. reads its external TimeCode pin and decides on the AnimationRate automatically.
  • node displays the timecode type currently being used.
  • node now can set the default video timing for video output nodes.
  • ATC Timecode input support from SDI sources embedding this metadata, with manual override.
  • Nvidia GPUdirect is now enabled through node.
  • A brand new node is available. So new upscale, downscale workflows are possible.
  • node now renders all child static meshes connected to Geometry Pins
  • node now has “Bokeh Shape” pins for DOF and Lens Flares.
  • Added min,max values for render sizes of
  • “Pixel Aspect Ratio” is now renamed to “Anamorphic Ratio”.
  • Added “Keep Alive” property to tracking nodes. So the tracking nodes can update their track pin, even there is no received data.
  • Added a debug “WaitOnProgressive” property to tracking nodes.
  • Experimental support for “Vector” tracking protocol used by Spidercam.

Setup Tool

  • Setup tool now displays the Node Class names in node graph.
  • node now displays the selected lens calibration name in node graph.
  • node can now bypass its input pin to its output.
  • String Property Fields now support SHIFT+ENTER as Carriage Return
  • Node description is now under Node category.

Action Control

  • Experimental support for XKeys XK60/XK80
  • All Control Apps GUI now default to Software rendering. This improves performance on design workstations running both Reality and Control Apps on the same computer.


  • Undo/Redo command may crash Reality Editor®:
  • Reality Setup could update read-only parameters, which shouldn’t be possible
  • Changed play lists can crash Action Control