Camera Tracking and Reality Engine Webinars

Reality & Tracking

Reality Engine from Zero Density is the ultimate real-time broadcast compositing system enabling real-time visual effects pipelines featuring video I/O, keying, compositing and rendering in one single machine.

Reality Engine, the broadcast compositing system supports industry standard mechanical and optical camera tracking systems.  In this webinar series, we will present on the technology, integration and projects.

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With the engineers from Mo-sys, we will talk about their technology, Reality integration and lens calibration through numerous successful projects such as dock10 (UK), The Weather Channel (USA), Esports (Netherlands) and First Responders Live (USA).


Zero Density and Stype has been collaborating on projects since 2017. As many will remember the epic AR Dragon soaring the sky during League of Legends Opening Ceremony.

In this webinar we will overview projects, discuss the tracking & virtual requirements of each type pf project, Reality integration & lens calibration.

Projects that will be covered include FOX Sports Race Hub, Sky News Arabia, TRT2, Spring News Thailand and more.

Recording of the Webinar will be uploaded soon

Vol.2 will be with Blacktrax and Trackmen.