Reality Webinars – Complete 6 Episodes

For the last four months Zero Density’s Technical Artist Faraz Qayyum is giving webinars focused on the design side of Reality Engine in various broadcast scenarios such as sports, elections and use of real-time data driven graphics.

Reality Engine is the real-time compositor built upon Unreal Engine and enable Hollywood-level visual effects in live production for industries of esports, broadcasting, live events and augmented reality. Sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools allow creative teams to design stunning content.

Here are some of the topics Qayyum has covered:

  • Main features of Reality, using real-time sports graphics.
  • The immense power of Reality in modifying or editing content in real-time.
  • Easy and smooth workflow using Reality Control Applications.
  • Reality starter contents as a Product POC.
  • What is JSON.
  • Structured data preparation with JSON.
  • Data-driven graphics and Blueprint integration with JSON Data.


Here is the Webinar playlist from ZD Youtube Channel. Reality Design Workflow, Creating Multipurpose Bar Graph part 1 & 2 has timestamps on the comments section. Watching them on Youtube is recommended to access the comments section.

Latest Webinar | Creating Multipurpose Bar Graph in Reality Editor

There are timestamps under the comments section to help you navigate inside the video. You can access it when you watch it on YT.

Part 1

Part 2