RealityHub 1.2 | Zero Density Announces Universal Control UI for Broadcasters

Automate Virtual Studios from a Web Browser; New Support for Unreal Engine Vanilla

IZMIR, TURKEY — December 6, 2021 — Today, Zero Density announces RealityHub 1.2, a massive update to its production software that lets broadcasters manage everything from real-time graphics to robotic cameras — all in one place. Users can integrate most on-set equipment, automation systems and external data sources to RealityHub straight out of the box, or simply leverage Zero Density’s open-source SDK to develop their own custom integrations.

“In a single application, RealityHub grants our users the ability to configure, compile, launch and playout projects, while providing time-saving ways to optimize their workflow,” says Andrew Maloof, senior graphics system engineer at The Weather Channel. “Centralizing these tools into an intuitive, easily-accessible web interface changes the game for our artists, engineers and graphics operators.”

Whether it’s for interactive touchscreen applications or large video wall productions, RealityHub’s HTML5 interface can now also be used to access Unreal Engine thanks to RealityHub 1.2’s new Unreal Engine Vanilla support. Combined with Reality Engine’s capabilities for virtual studio and broadcast graphics, the new release of RealityHub will make it fast and easy for broadcasters to utilize Unreal Engine directly from the same platform they use to manage everything else in their studio.

“RealityHub was designed to help customers like The Weather Channel, Warner Media and Eurosport by bringing traditional standalone control systems into a web browser. This lets teams manage entire broadcast setups without having to worry about long installation processes,” says Kuban Altan, co-founder and vice president of R&D at Zero Density. “With RealityHub 1.2’s Unreal Engine Vanilla support, we are now opening up to a future where RealityHub technology is more accessible than ever before, giving Unreal Engine creatives in broadcast, education, live events and any other industry the power to control every element of their production from a single hub.”

Additional benefits for customers include:

  • Stress-Free Teamwork — Promote collaboration with a web-based control interface that everyone can access on their tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Real-Time Data Integration — Keep your audience in the loop by natively connecting to data sources that will automate the display of weather, election, sports or financial information — as well as keep updating in real time.
  • Native Integration with Broadcast Ecosystems — Integrate with Newsroom Control Systems such as Octopus with MOS or any proprietary protocol. REST API also allows users to integrate with automations and build third-party integrations.
  • Free Community Edition — Supported by Zero Density’s recent MegaGrant from Epic Games, the Community version of RealityHub is feature-complete, but only accessible to one user at a time.

The Community Edition of RealityHub 1.2 will be available to download for free before the end of 2021. For updates on the release, sign up to Zero Density newsletter or visit

To learn more, watch the RealityHub 1.2 webinar that previews the Unreal Engine Vanilla support below.

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