RealityHub 1.1 is Released!

The newest release, RealityHub 1.1 has arrived with new features!

Here are some highlights:

Gang Mode is now available!
• You can increment/decrement numeric properties with the keyboard arrow keys in real-time.
Advanced Preview Monitor now allows you to display selected R, G, B, Y (Luminance) channels.

Check the links below to learn more about RealityHub 1.1!

RealityHub 1.1 Documentation
Download Community Edition
Open Sources SDK & Example Module on Github

About Zero Density
Zero Density is an international technology company dedicated to develop creative products for the industries such as broadcasting, augmented reality, live events and e-sports. Zero Density offers the next level of virtual production with real time visual effects. It provides Unreal Engine native platform, “Reality Engine®”, with advanced real-time compositing tools and its proprietary keying technology. Reality Engine is the most photo-realistic real-time 3D Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality platform in the industry.