RealityHub 1.2.2 is Released

RealityHub 1.2.2 is released.

Check out all the improvements and bug fixes of the new hotfix version.


Category Details
Network Storage SMB3 network file sharing and NTLMv2 authentication protocols are now supported for shared folders.
Form Builder The Integer component is added to Form Builder.
Nodegraph RGraph History is not recorded in Live Mode.
Asset Browser Asset Browser is enhanced. It is now faster, more robust, and offers a finer browsing experience like navigation via keyboard shortcuts and the DIRECTORY UP button.

Bug Fixes

Reported Bug Fix Details
Form Builder

  • Int64 data types are presented as Float widgets.
  • Fixed
Asset Browser

  • Asset Browser fails to locate the path when clicked on a file/texture component.
  • Fixed

  • Adding an Advanced Property crashes the Action Timeline.
  • Fixed

  • Incorrect RGraph name is displayed for a split second after launch.
  • Fixed
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Zero Density is a world leader in virtual studio, augmented reality and real-time graphics technologies for the broadcast, live events and esports industries. From the Olympics to Louis Vuitton virtual fashion shows, Zero Density’s Unreal Engine-native platform, Reality Engine — which includes a real-time broadcast compositing system and its proprietary keying technology, Reality Keyer — has been used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Clients include: The Weather Channel, RTL, Fox Sports and Warner Media.