RealityHub 1.2.3 is Released

RealityHub 1.2.3 is released.

Check out the list of bug fixes of the new hotfix version. Community Edition users should note that RealityHub 1.2.2 will expire on April 1st. We encourage you to download the newest version of RealityHub and upgrade the system.

Bug Fixes

Reported Bug Fix Details

  • Enabling an engine without an IP address crashes the RealityHub service.
  • Fixed
  • Project scan is failing in various Windows Time Zones.
  • Fixed

  • The copy/paste operation moves the source node’s pin connections to the pasted node.
  • Fixed
Form Builder

  • The Texture field limits the file path to 64 characters when entered manually.
  • Fixed

  • Engine Status Bar does not display status colors correctly when the Engine is closed manually from Windows, bypassing RealityHub control.
  • Fixed
  • While launching the Engine process, RealityHub logs stderr (Standard Error Stream) messages; if the size of error messages exceeds a few megabytes, RealityHub may become unresponsive or crash.
  • Fixed

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