RealityHub 1.2.4 is Released

RealityHub 1.2.4 is released.

Check out the list of bug fixes of the new hotfix version.

Bug Fixes

Reported Bug Fix Details

  • Data Grid rows disappear after saving a Template Form.
  • Fixed
  • Data Grid field cells display the RESET button.
  • Fixed
  • Linear Interpolation cannot be selected for a second time on the Playout Template form.
  • Fixed
  • Playout Form top bar stays active even if there is no change in the form data.
  • Fixed

  • Project Scan does not update the project version on the UI if the project is changed on the disk until refreshing the page.
  • Fixed
Form Builder

  • HTTP JSON JS component gives an error in the Fetch URL calls with Template Forms created in versions older than v1.2.
  • Fixed

  • When launching a heavy RGraph, Launcher may falsely report as “Launch Failed,” even though Engines are launched and running.
  • Fixed

  • History snapshots with heavy RGraphs may overload the Engine, resulting in RGraph disappearing and reappearing.
  • Fixed
RealityHub 1.2.4 Documentation
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