Riot Games got the first-ever Sports Emmy award in its history with the dragon show powered by Zero Density’s virtual reality technology in League of Legends 2017 Worlds Final

 39th Annual Sports Emmy Awards, one of the most important success awards of the sports world were awarded on May 8 with a ceremony held in New York. Riot Games has won the award in Graphic Design category with its “Elder Dragon” show which stunned the World Championship of League of Legends held in China, which is referred as one of the most popular games on the world.

For its mind-blowing legendary dragon show, last year Riot Games made collaboration with Zero Density.  In the final session of World Championship of League of Legends (LOL), one of the most prestigious e-sports organizations, in-game character Elder Dragon invaded the Beijing Olympics Stadium with virtual reality technology. Elder Dragon augmented through the virtual production features of Reality, the product of Zero Density that gave the audience a thrill no less than in the game with its roar and greeting. To watch the final almost 100 thousand audience gathered in the stadium and 40 million viewers followed it online.