Rundown of Zero Density at the IBC Show 2022

It has been over a month since the IBC Show 2022, but we still can’t get over it! This year’s IBC Show was a success for Zero Density. It was great to catch up with the community and give a sneak peek into the future of broadcast on the show floor.

Here are the highlights for Zero Density:

  • The booth featured a 5 x 6 x 3 meter green screen cyclorama and a 5 x 3 meter LED extended reality (XR) stage, enabling visitors to get hands-on with the same real-time graphics technologies used by Fox Sports, BBC and The Weather Channel.
  • Zero Density gave a Live Augmented Reality and LED-Based Extended Reality Demo every half an hour, showcasing how its software and hardware products can transform a physical environment into a photorealistic extended reality stage with virtual and augmented reality graphics. The demo also explored some practical use cases of an LED video wall for immersive storytelling and displaying data-driven graphics. Reality Engine, RealityHub, RE AMPERE and TRAXIS talentS were used.
  • Zero Density gave a Live Virtual Studio Demo every half an hour. Reality Engine, RealityHub, Reality Keyer, RealityEngine AMPERE and TRAXIS talentS were used. The demo will be available soon.
  • Visitors got a front seat ticket to the first-ever previews of Reality 5 and TRAXIS FRUSTUM and witnessed the latest product developments that make it as easy as possible for broadcasters to turn their sets into immersive virtual environments that are guaranteed to elevate audience engagement.
  • TRAXIS talentS won the Best of Show award by TV Tech, which recognizes the standout broadcast products on display at the IBC Show 2022.
  • The Zero Density team had bite-sized interviews with some of the industry leaders from the Global ZD Community at the booth: Epic Games, AD-TV, ifm, RTLZWEI, Egripment, Broadcast Solutions UK, Broadcast Elements, KMH, EZtrack and VOLE.
  • The stage hosted Exclusive Talk Sessions with the guest speakers: Head of Media Solutions at DreamWall and Product Manager at KST Moschkau, uncovering how they push creative and technical boundaries with the Zero Density technology. The sessions will be available soon.
  • A complete, state-of-the-art IP-based VR/AR/XR TV-Studio was realized with the KST Moschkau team through the CamBot-Kairos-Reality trio on site in just a few days. It gave deep insights into how easy it can be to handle a complex show with a very small crew by using a high-grade virtual studio production automation during daily shows and over 100 individual demonstrations at the automation control desk.
  • The visitors had the chance to ask the Zero Density experts all their big questions regarding virtual production and the groundbreaking capabilities of the Zero Density technology.
  • Happy Hours hosted at the booth with KST Moschkau allowed the visitors to get a break from the exhibition rush and grab a few drinks with our team.
  • Zero Density Community reunited at the Traditional Community Night-out with A’DAM Tower – The Loft as the backdrop. The community raised glasses to the profound partnerships and prospective ones to come enthused by IBC Show’s dynamic atmosphere.

Not attended to IBC Show? Don’t worry. We have YouTube to catch you up on everything that you missed. Just make sure to subscribe to our channel here if you do not already, and dive into the must-see content from the show just like you were there.

Our sincere thanks go to everyone who visited our booth or followed us online. We hope to see you at the IBC Show 2023!

About Zero Density
Zero Density is a global leader in real-time graphics and virtual studio technologies for the broadcasting, live events, and esports industries. As the leader in gaming technology in broadcasting, Zero Density offers innovative and user-friendly products that have been adopted by some of the world’s largest companies for covering elections, news and major sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Headquartered in Turkey, the company also has a US office and serves clients such as The Weather Channel, RTL, Fox Sports and Warner Media.