Special Interview with the Head of Creative at Sky News Arabia

Zero Density had the privilege to interview the creative genius behind Sky News Arabia, during Cabsat Show. Varoujan shared remarkable insights into their journey and experience with virtual studio technologies, particularly their collaboration with Zero Density.

Varoujan emphasized the importance of pushing boundaries and credited the support of their management for enabling their creative and innovative endeavors. He quoted, “We are specializing in creating suspended realities strengthened by creativity, supported by technology.” This resonates with the incredible work Sky News Arabia has accomplished with Zero Density’s solutions.

When Sky News Arabia first encountered Zero Density, Varoujan and his team recognized the opportunity to expand virtually rather than being limited by physical constraints. The usability of Zero Density’s Reality Engine caught their attention, making it easy for their designers to adapt quickly. With exceptional training and technical support from Zero Density, Sky News Arabia transformed their approach, bringing creativity in-house and producing astonishing sets.

Their success is evident in their extensive utilization of virtual and AR sets, with approximately 50 to 60 percent of their programs using these cutting-edge technologies. From live shows to news bulletins, they have seamlessly integrated virtual sets into their production, maintaining the utmost quality in their broadcasts.

Varoujan’s team, whom he affectionately refers to as “the SWAT team,” comprises a small group of passionate individuals who work tirelessly to transform ideas into functional designs that meet the core business requirements. They embrace feedback, continuously improve, and strive for excellence.

Sky News Arabia’s commitment to delivering realistic and captivating experiences to their viewers is truly commendable. They aim to blur the lines between reality and virtuality, leaving the audience mesmerized and engaged. The feedback received from viewers and professional colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive, with many astonished by the level of immersion and quality achieved.

Varoujan expressed his excitement about the booming virtual studio production in the Middle East, acknowledging the healthy competition it has sparked and the overall improvement it has brought to the industry. He encourages aspiring innovators to plan meticulously, seek advice from experienced professionals and the Zero Density team, and align their targets before considering budgets.

As Varoujan beautifully put it, “We are eternal students.” Sky News Arabia’s journey with Zero Density has exceeded initial expectations, but they remain dedicated to continuous growth and exploring new possibilities.

Zero Density is truly inspired by Sky News Arabia’s relentless pursuit of excellence and their unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding virtual experiences. It was a pleasure to learn from Varoujan’s expertise and passion for innovation.

About Zero Density
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