Broadcasters Air FIFA World Cup with Virtual Studio Graphics Powered by Reality

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Using Zero Density's real-time graphics hardware and software, broadcasters around the globe built virtual studios for their live FIFA World Cup coverage.

Behind the scenes at dock10, the home of Eurovision, Naked Attraction, World Cup 2022 and Stephen Fry’s Dinosaur

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On a mission to elevate the future of TV through high-end virtual studio technology, dock10 is home to popular, long-running TV shows including Channel 5’s Dinosaur, BBC Sports’ Match of the Day and BBC Education’s Bitesize Daily.

The UK’s Leading TV Facility Produces the Country’s Best Programs in Reality-Powered Virtual Studios

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Having deployed a modular system enabling the swift transformation of any of their conventional studios into a virtual one, dock10 studios are equipped with the next generation Reality tools, producing all types of content.