Team Reality!

Four visionaries who started their careers in broadcast technologies and media industry came together and created a ground-breaking product Reality Virtual Studio that changed the landscape of the industry. After Tijen Armagan took the helm, the company continues to redefine reality while expanding to new regions.
Attracting the attention of leader companies in global broadcasting and film industry at a short notice, Zero Density is leading the industry with its Headquarters in Turkey and extensive global network. Recording an impressive growth momentum, Zero Density’s expertise brings solutions globally extending from Canada to China, Australia to the USAFrance to UAEBelgium to Russia and beyond.


Management Team

Years of Experience, Multi-Disciplinary
Know-How and Visionary Mindset.


Tijen Armagan


Kuban Altan
VP of R&D


Mehmet Özkan
VP of Finance & Operations


Ulaş Kaçmaz
VP of Sales & Marketing