Premium Services

“Premium Services refers to services where there is no clear scope or the scope is very flexible depending on the customer settings and requirements.

Initially founded as an R&D company, our aim is to identify gaps in the industry and develop creative products to fill these gaps. Our expertise ranges from the right tone of the green screen to the proper light set up.

If you need a dedicated TSS Engineer from Zero Density for a specific timeframe or for a work which is not well-defined; you can have a TSS Engineer booked as a time & material contract.

Some examples of Premium Services are:

Description of the Technical Service

“Half Day Service” means to provide a dedicated ZD Technical Support Engineer for a period of 4 hours (one time) to the customer to work on Reality Software or Hardware.

Half day service does not have a scope; thus, it is a time bound service. The time needed is estimated at the beginning of the service and offered to the customer accordingly. For example, if ZD TSS Engineer suggests 1 complete day is needed to deliver a particular service, this means 2 Half Days should be booked.

Engagement Structure

Half Day Services are delivered to the Customer remotely and both ZD and the Customer will need to agree on the method of remote delivery, such as Teleconference, e-mails, TeamViewer, etc.

Service Details:

• The Half Day Services cover only the ZD products the customer is entitled/licensed to and the HW Reality Engine works on.
• The Half Day Services cannot be one of the well defined services; such as: Installation, Training, Lens Calibration, On-Site Services, Project Supervision, etc.. Half Day Services are only to deliver not scoped, not pre-defined services.
• Half Day Services may last less than 4 hours, and they are still counted as half day services.
• The service should be delivered at once, cannot be divided into hours and delivered separately.
• It is customers’ responsibility to prepare the system for the ZD TSS Engineer to start working on the topics in question immediately.

health-check-servicesDescription of the Technical Service

Health Check service is delivered to provide a report which indicates if the Reality Systems are working at their best.

During the agreed term of the “Health Check Service” (HCS), ZD will provide a dedicated Technical Support and Services (TSS) Engineer; who will spend time up to 8 hours with the customer which includes some work on the customer systems and meetings with the relevant persons.

Engagement Structure

Unless otherwise stated specifically, HCS will be delivered to the Customer remotely and both ZD and the Customer will need to agree on the method of remote delivery, such as Teleconference, e-mails, TeamViewer, etc. The service can be delivered at once or in parts.

Service Details:

The HCS covers only the ZD products the customer is entitled/licensed to and Reality Workstation itself (if certified). The TSS Engineer do not take any action on any HW, SW or peripherals; s/he only checks and verifies the current status. This service can be described as taking a picture of the environment and sharing a report to take actions if needed. The listed actions in the report may be taken by the customer, an outside vendor (such as tracking vendor) or by Zero Density. If Zero Density is requested for actions, additional services can be bought. These are some of the points covered by the Health Check Service:

  • Checks the lights
  • Checks the camera outputs
  • Verifies tracking (ie, separate network, % variance):
    • Network latency
    • % accuracy of the tracking, including zoom, pan, tilt
  • Checks if the ZD HW and SW are at the certified levels:
    • Workstation
      • BIOS Settings and Windows OS (build, Windows updates, users, R-Drive, network, etc)
    • GPU
      • Driver and settings
    • CPU
    • Video Card
      • Driver and settings
  • Verifies if Engine, Editor, Cook and R-Drive are OK:
    • Cooking the starter kit
  • Verifies the duration of the validity of the licenses,
  • Verifies the performance of the entire environment and benchmarks it with the inhouse ZD metrics:
    • Starter Kit, basic camera movements, observation of CPU, GPU and Memory
  • Verifies the key quality
    • Starter Kit, basic camera movements and default key settings only.
  • Collects the consistent pain points (if any) and raises cases with the ZD TSS team to follow up,
  • Prepares a report which outlines the gaps for stability and draws an action plan,
  • Shares the roadmap of the ZD Software products and what can be expected in the short term to work more effectively

Description of the Technical Service

Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a trusted technical advisor who is the ultimate owner of all technical relationships between Zero Density and the Customer.

During the agreed term of the “Technical Account Management Service” (TAMS), ZD will provide a “Technical Account Manager” (TAM) available for up to “some hours per month”; such as 10 hours per month.How much hours are needed per month can be calculated with ZD TSS Manager or Business Development Manager.

TAM is a senior ZD employee who works in the Technical Support and Services organization of Zero Density and the regular work hours of the TAM is between Monday – Friday; 10:00 – 19:00. The planned and available hours can be used flexibly as planned or needed by the customer for the duration of the contract.

Engagement Structure

Unless otherwise stated specifically in the TAMS contract, TAM is structured as a shared resource (person in this case) and the TAMS will be delivered to the Customer remotely. The TAMS is provided for the duration of this contract and ZD and the Customer will need to agree on the method of remote delivery, such as Teleconference, e-mails, on-site once in a while, etc.

The TAM is responsible only for the ZD products and services the customer is entitled/licensed to. The TAM:

  • Acts as a central point of contact between ZD and the Customer technical teams,
  • Acts as a “Trusted Advisor” to the Customer about ZD Products and Technologies,
  • Understands the Customer environment and usage of ZD Products and Services,
  • Ensures the ZD Products are fully used and the return on investment on ZD products are fully realized by the Customer,
  • Reviews the open cases periodically, helps identifying the disconnects and manages escalations to speed up case resolutions,
  • Increase the overall quality by ensuring the case closures are well acknowledged by both parties,
  • Identifies the inefficiencies about the usage of ZD products,
  • Acts proactively to reduce the number of recurring cases,
  • Proactively raises cases with the Technical Support Team to address potential problems,
  • Enlightens the Customer on ZD Products roadmap; advises on upgrade schedules according to the Customer business needs; briefs the customer on what is coming next and helps the customer plan accordingly,
  • Helps to decide on investments for the ZD Products according to the customer business needs,
  • Acts as a flag carrier to communicate the best practices and processes to convey to the customer,
  • Involves directly in the critical cases.

Description of the Technical Service

There are numerous key components to reach the utmost photorealism in a virtual studio production. One of these components is the green screen / cyclorama. Zero Density’s expertise will assist you on significant details such as building the cyclorama, painting the cyclorama, choosing the right tone of green and more.

Description of the Technical Service

Zero Density provides custom solutions in case the user requires a custom development such as integration with 3rd party systems like studio automation systems, tracking devices, DMX tables and so on.

Description of the Technical Service

Another key component of a photorealistic virtual studio production is lights. The right lighting set up has immense effect on the keying quality. Zero Density’s expert team can lead you on how to choose the proper type of light, install it and advise on the angles to light the green screen.