Tokyo Game Show: One ‘Reality’ Infinite Worlds

Zero Density’s regional partner ASK corporation had a packed stand at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) where they set up a green screen studio powered by Reality Engine. Reality Engine, real-time compositing platform, enable the most photorealistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions in the industry. Reality Engine’s 2.8 version is used while creating numerous virtual scenes for the audience during TGS, ranging from riding a train and walk in the city.

  • Real-time virtual shadows
  • Volumetric Lights
  • Dynamic/animated projection position in the 3D environment(transforming the projection box and the virtual camera together with the train).
  • Animated color correction
  • Virtual reflections
  • Incredible accurate tracking

On the public day of TGS, ASK hosted an all female esports event at the booth, consisting of Creatives Pro Gaming Team.  A suitable setting is designed for audience as the players logged into APEX Legends for glory, fame and fortune.