TV Commercials of Boar powered by Zero Density’s Reality Engine

Advertise smartly. With the most photo-realistic real-time 3D virtual studio and augmented reality platform in the industry, keep the costs under control and eliminate the heavy processes of post-production for your commercial. Enjoy the highest efficiency in a shortest time and with a lightest work.

Thanks to Zero Density, you can take your design and start shooting in real time with an unprecedented speed. Virtual studios, which provide the highest efficiency in terms of both postproduction cost and time, gain the-state-of-art form with Reality Engine without compromising quality.

For this reason, Boar TV, one of the most important broadcasting names in China, worked with Mo-sys Engineering LTD’StarTracker and Quantus’s design in the virtual studio of Shanghai Sunward powered by Zero Density’s Reality Engine, for two dynamic commercials.

The result, of course, is immersive!

About Zero Density
Zero Density is a global leader in real-time graphics and virtual studio technologies for the broadcasting, live events, and esports industries. As the leader in gaming technology in broadcasting, Zero Density offers innovative and user-friendly products that have been adopted by some of the world’s largest companies for covering elections, news and major sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Headquartered in Turkey, the company also has a US office and serves clients such as The Weather Channel, RTL, Fox Sports and Warner Media.