Reality Webinar: Data-driven Real-time Graphics using UMG

Reality Virtual Studio offers the next generation tools for virtual studio and augmented reality productions in industries of esports, broadcasting, live events and augmented reality. Reality Engine is the real-time compositor built upon Unreal Engine and with its proprietary keying technology Reality Keyer provide Hollywood-level visual effects in live production. Sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools allow creative teams to design and control stunning content.

In this webinar, ZD Technical Artist Faraz Qayyum will dig into the immersive broadcast graphics with widget blueprints.

We will talk about:

  • Widget Blueprint.
  • 3D Widget.
  • Blueprint communication.
  • Action Builder.
  • Reality Starter Content.

Watch the previous webinar on Reality Design Workflow.

Date : December 12, Thursday
Time : 1PM (GMT)

SpeakerFaraz Qayyum
Technical Artist
ModeratorBirim Yamanlar
Communication and Digital Marketing Specialist

If you missed the live session, watch the replay below: