Zero Density and Vū Technologies Partner to Host Hands-On Virtual Production Event

Attendees Will Be Able to Try the Latest XR and Green Screen Tech at Vū Orlando

IZMIR, Turkey — June 6, 2023 — Zero Density is thrilled to announce its Green Screen & XR Workshop, an upcoming virtual production event created in partnership with Vū Technologies. The event aims to showcase the immersive experiences that can be created using Unreal Engine, combining Vū’s virtual production expertise with Zero Density’s real-time graphics technology.

To be held at Vū Orlando from June 14-16, the workshop promises an incredible opportunity for filmmakers, broadcasters, and business leaders to witness the power of a unified production platform first hand. Attendees will have the chance to experience live demonstrations and engage with the technology themselves. The event will feature a 20′ by 20′ green screen cyclorama and a 23′ by 10′ LED stage, enabling participants to explore the endless possibilities offered by this groundbreaking technology.

Attendees will be able to see how real-time 3D compositing, set extension, XR and AR graphics can help them create more immersive content, as well as network with fellow industry leaders over drinks. Zero Density will also be showcasing several newly released solutions during the event including its updated TRAXIS Talent Tracker, which uses AI to track multiple people on set without any wearables required.

“As a specialist in LED technology, Vū is a new kind of partner for Zero Density as it continues to expand to market segments outside of broadcast,” says Brad Rumler VP of Sales & Business Development at Zero Density. “Whether you want to show a 3D product preview at your next company launch, educate your students with virtual graphics; or put your actors into a fantasy world for your next film; together Vū and Zero Density will help provide everything you need to make that happen.”

By bringing together industry professionals and providing hands-on experiences, the workshop aims to inspire and educate attendees about the immense potential of real-time graphics for their creative projects. This event is a celebration of innovation, showcasing the capabilities of Zero Density and Vū in revolutionizing the way we create immersive content. Vū also has studios across the USA — including Las Vegas, Nashville and Orlando — where both companies will now showcase a unified platform for virtual studios and XR.

“We’re partnering with Zero Density during Infocomm to showcase the wide range of capabilities that virtual production has to offer,” says Daniel Mallek, Director of Content and Innovation at Vū. “Their suite of XR tools offers a plethora of features that allow for scalability on productions of all shapes and sizes. We’re excited to see it put to use at Vū Orlando and confident it will be a standout feature and hopefully the beginning of a strong long-term partnership between Vū and Zero Density.”


Attend the Event
To learn more about Zero Density and Vū Technology’s virtual production event and to reserve a spot, head of the event website here.

Other technology providers present will be Ncam with its hybrid camera tracking solution and ChromaLight with the superior green screen paints.

About Zero Density
Zero Density is a global leader in real-time graphics and virtual studio technologies for the broadcasting, live events, and esports industries. As the leader in gaming technology in broadcasting, Zero Density offers innovative and user-friendly products that have been adopted by some of the world’s largest companies for covering elections, news and major sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Headquartered in Turkey, the company also has a US office and serves clients such as The Weather Channel, RTL, Fox Sports and Warner Media.

About Vū
Vū is an emerging force in shaping virtual production, with a growing network of virtual production studios around the world including Vū-operated stages in Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando and Tampa. With a creatively-diverse and technologically forward-thinking team, Vū blends art and science to redefine virtual workflows and unlock new ways for creatives and filmmakers to tell stories and visualize the world. To learn more about Vū, please visit