Zero Density Announces AJA Partnership to Power Augmented Reality Broadcast Solutions

Zero Density is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AJA Video Systems, combining AJA’s leading expertise in video hardware engineering with Zero Density’s cutting-edge virtual studio and augmented reality solution Reality Engine®.

With this announcement, AJA’s Corvid 44, Corvid 88 and KONA 5 (experimental) high density, multi-format video I/O cards are certified for use in Zero Density’s Reality EngineTM virtual studio system. Whereas the initial release of Reality 1.0 supported multiple video I/O cards, with Reality Engine Version 2.0 the research and development team is supporting AJA hardware.

“There are plenty of capable video cards in the market but what makes AJA cards stand out from the rest are their unparalleled technical features, reliability and stability, in addition to global availability and support. Consequently, AJA video cards are now the only ones we are certifying for use in our solutions.” Kuban Altan, VP of R&D.

“Zero Density’s Reality Engine has the power to transform news broadcasts with stunning real time virtual sets and augmented reality-enhanced stories that give the viewer a whole new take on a story,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “This remarkable level of throughput requires the most advanced and most reliable video I/O, and we’re pleased to deliver that with our Corvid 44, 88 and KONA 5 cards.”

As a rapidly growing company, Zero Density continues to build meaningful partnerships that empower the industry as it strengthens companies. Recently, Zero Density marked a milestone in the broadcast industry by going on air with the world’s first ray-traced virtual studio at NAB 2019. In doing this Zero Density utilized AJA’s video I/O cards and successfully merged the best of both products during a live production demonstration. The two companies will continue collaborating to bring forward-looking technology demonstrations to life opening up new opportunities for the future of broadcast.

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