Zero Density IBC 2019

Zero Density offers the next level of virtual studio production with real time visual effects. It provides Unreal Engine native platform, Reality , with advanced real-time compositing tools and its proprietary keying technology. Reality Engine® is the most photo-realistic real-time 3D Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality platform in the industry.

Reality HUB made its debut at IBC show. Reality HUB brings ecosystem connectivity, automation and workflow integration. It is a next gen yet simple platform that brings ease and utmost connectivity to your workflow
Reality HUB integrates with newsroom and MCR systems, studio automations, social media, and any external data such as weather forecast through its module host service.

Reality 2.9 Preview is shown at the demo pods throughout the day with latest features and additions.

RealGreen is software-defined green paint special for cyclorama productions. Our cyclorama in booth 7C49 is RealGreen. Visit us and see the difference yourself.

You can witness how Reality Virtual Studio’s proprietary keying technology “Reality Keyer®” works with the raw camera signal which will be world’s one and only raw-keyer and it is going to work in real-time in virtual studio environment.

IP Revolution

Ready for IP?

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Exclusive Talk Sessions

Reality Engine® demos are at every half an hour! Also, mark your calendars for epic presentations from the industry leaders, talking about their projects and find responses to your virtual studio production questions.

BBC Sport & dock10

John Murphy, Creative Director BBC Sport
Richard Wormwell, Head of Production Innovation, dock10

Behind the scenes of Match of the Day virtual set and discussion of the production in detail, by BBC Sport & dock10.


Thibault Baras, General Manager,  DreamWall & KeyWall

Reality Virtual Studio in Data Visualization: Thai Elections and European Elections Case Study, by DreamWall.


Amir Keren, CTO,  Erizos

How to utilize Reality Virtual Studio in broadcast workflow case study : Star India (Walt Disney), by Erizos Studio.

Grass Valley

Marcel KoutstaalGeneral Manager & VP Camera Systems,  Grass Valley

The importance of the camera image quality in the virtual studio productions, by Grass Valley.


Tim de GoussencourtCTO, Solidanim

Latest projects utilizing Reality Virtual studio, by Solidanim.

Real-time Ray Traced Virtual Studio Sessions
NEP the Netherlands

Roel Bartstra, Lead Unreal Designer

Create powerful storytelling and visual experiences!

NEP the Netherland presented everyday at 11:30 AM at Zero Density booth 7C49.

Congratulations to FOX Sports for being Shortlisted as a Finalist in IBC Innovation Awards for Content Creation and for winning Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards.

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IBC 2019 Rundown