Zero Density Unveils Virtual Studio Software Bundle at NAB

Lowers Barrier to Entry for Unreal Engine Graphics; Exclusive Demos at Booth N1817

Izmir, Turkey — April 16, 2023 — Today Zero Density, a world leader in real-time graphics technology, has announced ZD | Virtual Studio, a new software bundle that lowers the barrier of entry into virtual production. ZD | Virtual Studio is made up of real-time keying and graphics control applications that make it easy for anyone to create photoreal virtual sets.

With ZD | Virtual Studio, broadcasters can take advantage of Zero Density’s core technology at a more accessible price point. The bundle includes Reality Keyer, the real-time image-based keyer used by Fox Sports, Warner Media, and The Weather Channel, as well as Zero Density’s RealityHub control application, which lets anyone control both on-air graphics and virtual production from the same user interface. With support for real-time depth of field, ray tracing and Unreal Engine 5.1, ZD | Virtual Studio means broadcasters can set up an industry-standard virtual production with green screen, AR or XR at an affordable price point.

Zero Density Virtual Studio

We think all broadcasters should have access to the same cutting-edge tools for virtual production to enhance storytelling,” says Ofir Benovici, CEO of Zero Density. “One of the biggest goals we have is to not let anything get in the way of creativity. With ZD | Virtual Studio, broadcasters can add the same core Zero Density technology used by world-class broadcasters to their workflow, letting them focus on creativity without worrying about their budget.”

NAB attendees can preview the software behind the new bundle at the Zero Density booth N1817, which will feature a green screen stage with a news set, an LED-based XR stage with a virtual basketball set and multiple demo pods so that anyone can get hands-on with Zero Density’s solutions. Throughout the show, Zero Density’s technical experts will also deliver demos every half hour on both the cyclorama and the LED-based XR stages.

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To see a preview of the software behind the new bundle, come see Zero Density at booth N1817.

About Zero Density
Zero Density is a global leader in real-time graphics and virtual studio technologies for the broadcasting, live events, and esports industries. As the leader in gaming technology in broadcasting, Zero Density offers innovative and user-friendly products that have been adopted by some of the world’s largest companies for covering elections, news and major sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Headquartered in Turkey, the company also has a US office and serves clients such as The Weather Channel, RTL, Fox Sports and Warner Media.