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Preview | The Weather Channel's New Virtual Studio
Live Events | EVS Online Product Launch
Live Events | Philips Innovation Award 2020
The Weather Channel | Day 2 | A New Approach to Everyday Weather Presentation with Reality Virtual Studio
The Weather Channel | A New Approach to Everyday Weather Presentation with Reality Virtual Studio
Ministry of Interior of Turkey Live Press Conference with Reality Virtual Studio
Nation TV Thai Airways News Segment with Virtual Studio
Eurovision 2020 Virtual Studio – France TV & ADTV & Zero Density
The Making of Eurovision 2020 – RTBF & Dreamwall & Zero Density
Lynk & Co Automobile Company Virtual Launch Event powered by Reality Engine
RTBF Quel Temps 3-People Weather Show Production in Virtual Studio
Remote Esports Tournament | VSPN Broadcasts CFPL with Virtual Studio
France TV’s La Maison Lumni Contributes to Public Education in Virtual Studio
Chery International SUV Launch Event
TFO’s LUV Studios – Educational Virtual Projects
Reality Webinar | Creating Multipurpose Bar Graph in Reality Editor part 1
Star Search Singapore Auditions with Virtual Set
NENT (Nordic Entertainment) Group – Super Bowl Virtual Studio
Match Scoreboard Graphics with Json
Reality Keyer | Hyperrealistic Virtual Studio and AR Productions
Magic Monday | Virtual Studio and AR with Reality
RMC Sport | All Star Game | Augmented Reality
TRT2 Virtual Studio | New Designs
Hardware is Dead | Panel Discussion | Broadcast Innovation Day 2019
Reality Starter Contents
Data-driven real-time graphics using UMG
Ziggo Sport Formula 1 Show with Exciting AR | Reality Virtual Studio
Shenzhen Media Group | Live Poem Recital with Reality Engine
Reality Virtual Studio 2019 Showreel
Star Search Singapore | AR Show with Reality
Webinar | Reality Design Workflow
CCTV – Military Tournament News with Virtual Studio and AR
Panasonic Virtual Studio Showcase with Reality at IBC 2019
TF1 Le Mag – Rugby World Cup
Televizier Ring Gala Netherlands
Tokyo Game Show Rundown
ESL Showcase at IBC 2019
BeTV & Voo Sport Virtual Studio Show Europe des Onze
TRT2 Virtual Studio with Reality Engine
Flashback to History with France’s TF1
First Responders Live on Fox | Augmented Reality Graphics
Shanghai Media Group – Virtual Studio and AR with Reality Engine®
European Parliament’s Europarl TV uses Reality
Charleroi Esports’ Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality powered by Reality
Reality in Telia Esports League
Beijing Expo opens with Reality Engine® powered AR Show
RTBF Virtual Studio Showreel
Reality Engine® – Thai Elections Teaser
Reality powers Sweden’s Studio Oddset
Fox Sports’ NASCAR Set is Live with Reality Virtual Studio
Teleportation powered by Reality in Finnish Ice Hockey League
Shanghai Media Group chooses Reality Virtual Studio for New Year Concert
SMG employed Reality for Dota 2 Asia Championships
World War I Armistice Relived with Reality Engine
The Lah Lah Guys / Stripey Sock Club, RMIT University
Augmented Reality Interview with Eden Hazard made possible by Reality Engine
French Presidential Elections 2017
Reality in Finnish Ice Hockey League